Frequently asked questions


Q: Why should i choose you as my photographer? What makes your work different from other photographers out there?

If you're overwhelmed with the thought of choosing a photographer, you're not alone! It's daunting!  I'd like to think that what sets me apart from other local photographers is not only the creativity of the images I create, but also the experience of working with me.  I do my best to respond to emails an calls quickly and I limit the number of clients that I take on in any given month to allow me time to devote to providing exceptional customer service.  I'm also a lot of fun! ;) 

Q: How do I book a session with you?

Easy! Simply reach out to me via my  CONTACT FORM  and we can find a date that fits into both of our schedules.  A $75.00 session deposit is required to hold your date and the balance for your package will be due the date of your session!

Q: will i get all of my photos on a dvd?

No. Depending on your session, I can take anywhere from 200 - 1200 shots during our time together (I can't imagine you'd want all of those shots - especially the ones with your eyes closed!) And believe it or not digital media is very fragile.  I spent years simply loading a couple of hundred images onto a DVD for clients and handing them over only to find that time and time again clients lost or broke their DVD or thumb drive and would reach out to me in the hope that I had copies (I don't). Over and over again I heard stories from clients who never took the time to print their images or printed them at a substandard lab and were unhappy with the results... I finally made the decision that while I would continue to provide digital copies of the images that clients purchased so that they could reprint them or share them with family and friends online, that all of my full-session packages would include actual professionally printed images.  I want you to walk away from this experience with your memories beautifully printed and ready to display in your home (and emailed to you so you can share them on Facebook)

Don't believe me? Just watch this video - it's worth the minute for the chuckle...


Q: how do I submit my child's yearbook photo to the school?

You don't! I'm happy to do that for you! With any senior portrait session booked, I will submit your photo to your school and to your local newspaper if they print their photos. You simply need to supply me with the information from the school to do so!


It's not a problem! If your child is sick, we can always reschedule for another day. If we get started and find that your child just isn't "feeling it" or is misbehaving or just isn't at their best we'll make the best of the shoot (you'd be surprised what we can get!) and if all else fails we can absolutely reschedule for another day :)

When your child is getting ready to graduate, you want someone you can trust to capture the little boy you just couldn’t take your eyes off when he was a baby.

This is what Shauna does best. Resulting in cherished memories of the past and present to tide you over until the future...
— Robyn Terry